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Master Of Dimensions

You know what it's like .... a quick trip to see Granny to get everything ready for the holiday season turns into a desperate fight to save the universe from destruction - ho-hum.
Master of Dimensions follows the fortunes of a young lad in exactly the position given above. In order to prevent the end of the world as we know it, said youngster must collect the shattered segments of the staff of Merlin and piece them back together in order to resurrect the master of magic before the final curtain falls.
Through Ancient Egypt, lands of fable and a Deep Space Nine-style space station the adventure is non-stop as the convoluted plot takes all manner of twists and turns - all jolly good fun.
Supplied on two CD's and with full speech and music on board it's an absorbing affair that's sure to swallow more than a few hours of anybody's time.
At times, however, the over-long intro sequences to each section of the game make it a little tedious and could have done with being less than half the length tey currently are.
That aside, MoD is a little cracker, released at a time when all too many computer games can be finished and pushed back on the shelves in less than a couple of hours.

Chris Russell
Elly Bowkett
The sign of a good adventure is one that leaves you bereft of finger nails and I've only got two left - which is usually a good sign (depending on how you look at it).
With it's mix of 2d gaming and 3D cut scenes, together with an intruiging plotline, Master of Dimensions is a great adventure. Worthy of note is the excellent Ancient Egyptian section in which the player becomes a heiroglyph on the wall of a Pharoah's tomb - excellent stuff.
It has to be said there are better adventure games out there - Gene Machine springs immediately to mind but as a middle-of-the-road title MoD stands up rather well and is a worthy addition to the software collection of anyone fed up with shoot 'em up's and racing games.
Master Of Dimensions is one of those games that is likely to take you hours to play, it's a nice adventure that takes you on a journey through no less than 12 dimensions, including a futuristic space staion and an underground maze.
The combination of the 2D and complex 3D graphics, make the game stunningly attractive to the eye. I found myself saying 'Oh.. that's nice' every time I entered a new room!
An added bonus to the game is the main character has a sense of humour!



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