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Master of Dimensions 
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Master of Dimensions Overview -- Designer's Notes 

My friends and I created it for ourselves since we were getting bored with the typical role-playing games around. In this role-playing game, each participant played himself, and not some fearless fantasy hero with super powers. The places we Master of Dimensions Screenshotvisited were the places we always dreamed of seeing: we went into legends, deep into the realms of famous movies, etc. 

The principle was simple, if you can imagine a place, however wild and crazy it may be, you can probably visit it. We called these places "dimensions". 

Animators, designers, programmers, musicians, actors, directors and producers worked for many months to bring some of these fantastic "dimensions" to the player's computer screen in this graphic adventure -- Master Of Dimensions -- 

Master Of Dimensions is a classic quest which integrates some refreshing innovations: 1) You no longer have to view the interface throughout the game -- you can move it anywhere you want on the screen or close it completely, and 2) We have limited the number of functions so there are only three: "look at", "act on" and "talk to". 

Master Of Dimensions can be solved in almost any way you choose; there is no single way or a set sequence of moves. As in real life, there are more than two ways to tie a knot. 


Oren Obstblum
Game Creator and Designer

The Story 

The first time we meet our hero, he's taking a train to his grandma's house in the village. 

His parents sent him (against his will, of course) to help her prepare for the upcoming holiday. Being on vacation time from school, he'd much rather spend his free time sunning himself on the beach, surfing the net or playing with the new computer quest game he just got for his birthday. But his parents insisted that he go and he just didn't feel like arguing with them about it this time. 

He got off the train and headed straight for his grandma's house. As soon as he got there, he rang the bell, but no one answers... "Weird", he thinks to himself, and double checks to see if he's got the right address. After all, it's been a long time since he last visited his grandma. 

After confirming that this is indeed her house, and after checking the place out, he notices that the front door is opened. He goes inside only to discover that there's no one home. Strange. He told his grandma that he'd be arriving at this time. 

Being the impatient and curious kid he is, our hero starts exploring the deserted house, looking for all sorts of interesting stuff... 

He decides to start in the attic (even though ever since he was a young boy his grandma told him not to touch anything up there).Master of Dimensions Screenshot Our hero always loved playing in the attic, as it is full of souvenirs from his Grandfather's extensive travels to other worlds. Of course, he believes that these travels were really only fanciful tales his Grandfather liked to tell. (Now I can reveal something players don't yet know at this stage of the game: Our hero's grandfather really did take all those fantastic journeys, and some of the objects in the attic are mementos he collected during his travels. These travels culminated in the grandfather becoming the Master of Dimensions. But more on that later.) 

In the attic, our hero finds a number of objects that he will find useful later on, and when he opens the closet (convincing himself that it wouldn't hurt just to peek, even though his grandmother had forbidden it) he finds a strange metallic device. This is the dimension machine.. . 

The dimension machine, a very sophisticated device that enables travel between dimensions, can also talk and show animated movies. Speaking in a woman's voice, it tells our hero the following: 

The dimension he inhabits will implode (collapse into itself -- a nasty bit of luck, huh?) The only person who can save the dimension is Merlin, the famous wizard. Merlin once battled a character named "the Wizard of the North" (which our hero will meet in a place called Fairyland) Merlin lost the battle -- the great Wizard Duel -- and the Wizard of the North banished him to a remote dimension, smashed his staff to pieces. The pieces were scattered throughout the dimensions. In order to save his dimension, the hero must find all five pieces of the staff, put them together and summon Merlin from his place of exile. From then on, Merlin will know what to do. 

It goes without saying that our hero agrees at once! From this point, the hero can use the dimension machine to travel from one dimension to another. The machine will display the dimensions in which pieces of Merlin's staff are likely to be found. Before we Master of Dimensions Screenshotventure forth, a few background details: As I've already mentioned, our hero's grandfather traveled to many dimensions and in the end became the Master of Dimensions. At the time at which the events involving our hero take place, the grandfather, the Master of Dimensions, is heading up a council of the strongest and most experienced dimension travelers. This is the Dimension Council. 

As soon as the Master of Dimension hears that his home dimension is in danger of implosion, he begins to search for a way to stop the catastrophic process. He decides to send his first dimension machine to be found by his grandson (our hero). He would have taken on the mission himself, but he can't leave his post at the Dimension Council. 

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