Here it is - the game's "walkthrough".
Please be warned It might spoil your fun. But if you are a busy person and you don't have time to solve it (It IS a very long quest) this "walkthrough" despite the absence of maps & riddles solutions , will help. It is important to say that the game can be solved in many ways, this "walkthrough " is only one of them (An even more concise walkthrough was written by CRASH )

Good luck & have fun.



At the beginning of game, the hero will be in Grandmother's house.
In Grandmother's house, take a bag of food from under the window sill.
Go to the attic. Examine the pile of mementos (by double clicking on it a few times). You will find a can of cement. Take a gold fish hook out one of the gray jugs. Open up the cupboard (be persistent). Take the dimensions machine with you.

The dimensions machine will explain the mission with the help of an animated clip.Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Dumloba" dimension (where the green alien lives).In the alien's house take a rifle. Take a tape. Take a trophy cup. Talk to the alien - he is not satisfied with the boring television series.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Rapstone" dimension.Go to the screen with the pile of barrels. Hide behind the barrels and wait for the thief. Catch the thief as he tries to break into a car. The thief gets away but drops a can opener. Take the can opener.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Legendworld" dimension.

Go to the lake. Give the can opener to the poor man in return for a saw.

Use the dimensions machine to click on the "Dumloba" dimension.

You can enter the television series only from here.
Use the dimensions machine to choose a television series.

Take a banana. (The hero eats the banana and throws the peel on the floor). Saw the clothes hanger. Wait till the sequence is over. Go to the kitchen. Feed the dog with the bag of food you found in grandma's house. The dog will move and only then can the cupboard be opened. Open the cupboard. Take out a rope and a shovel. Go to the living room. Remove a carpet from the wall.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Dumloba" dimension. There the alien, who is now laughing at the television series, will give you a part of Merlin's staff.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Legendworld" dimension. In "Legendworld", go to the bard standing on the side of the road. Talk to the bard. He will tell you the secret of how to open the music box he has in his hand. Open the music box and take the ancient coin. Find the empty water skin that's hanging from a branch on the tree.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Rapstone" dimension.

In Rapstone, go to the basketball court. Hang the water skin on the faucet. The water skin will soon fill up.

Use the dimensions machine to choose "Detective Story" dimension.

The detective will lead you to the museum. In the museum, take an iron rod. Get information on what happened there from the museums' curator Charlotte. Continue with the story until dock 5. On dock 5 give the fisherman the golden fishhook. Take a jack. Take a pair of pliers.
Get information on what happened there. Continue with the story to the casino.
At the casino. answer "Glupbrutus's" card riddle (it's the 4 of diamonds). Get book of riddles. Continue with the story to the cemetery. Get information on what happened there from the cemetery's caretaker.

Now the Polaroid pictures will appear.
Choose the thief (it is Charlotte; click on the museum picture).
Go to the museum - there you will find the letter Charlotte wrote.
The detective reads the letter signed by Charlotte Blackthorn and gives it to you for safekeeping.
Go to the cemetery. Use the shovel to dig Charlotte's mother's grave
(you will recognize it by the name engraved on it).
Take a part of Merlin's staff. Get pick-lock tools as a gift from the detective.

Use the dimension machine to choose the "Legendworld" dimension.

In Legendworld, find the opening to the entrance to the fortune teller's cave. Enter the fortune teller's cave, give fortune teller the carpet. Get a note with numbers on it ("Connected in some way to your future"). Take a gypsy blouse.

Use the dimensions machine to click on to the "Rapstone" dimension.

In the "mainstreet" screen. give the gypsy blouse to the girl and she will give you a hair pin.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Space Station" dimension.

At the Space Station. there is stop watch which is counting down the time until the station self-destructs. You are in the control room. Talk to a dying crewman. Go to the elevator. Choose the space station's storeroom, type the numbers on the fortuneteller's note. Get inside the storeroom. move a tin panel and a large magnet will be revealed. Take the magnet, go to the cupboard on the right and take the computer-activating CD.

Go to the elevator. Choose the computer room.
In the computer room insert the computer-activating CD into the computer activating panel.
The space station's hologram will appear.
Talk to the computer which will stop the countdown.
Use the pick-lock tools to open the computer. Take another piece of Merlin's staff.
Go to the elevator. Choose the dormitory hall. Take eyeglasses.
Go to the elevator. Choose the sick-bay.

In the sick-bay. Take a video chip that's hanging to the left of the doctor's body.
Move the doctor's body. Insert the video chip into the sick-bay's computer (This does not work.
There is a piece of metal stuck in the slot where the video chip is inserted).
Use the pliers to get the piece of metal out.
Insert the video chip into the sick-bay's computer.

Watch the animated clip.
While the clip is being shown, the cupboard containing the vials will open.
After you have seen the clip: Look at the cupboard.
Take the vial.
Take the lizard's icon and put it on top of the vial's icon (these can be found inside the inventory window).
Go to the elevator. Choose the control room.
In the control room, give the medicine to the dying crewman.
He will give you a translation device

Use the dimension machine to click on the "Legendworld" dimension.

In Legendworld, go to the armory. Outside the armory, take wooden poles.
Go inside and speak to the sword salesman. He will tell you that he needs a gem to finish making a special enchanted sword.
Go to the tower, knock on the door.
A princess from behind the door tells you that the wizard has locked her up in the tower and only he has the key.
Go to the wizard's castle.

At the entrance to the wizard's castle there is a gate.
Solve the lock's riddle (slide the horizontal and vertical bars around.
A certain combination will cause the ruby to be red over all the intersections of the bars and the game will open ).
Enter the castle's courtyard. Go to the door.
Talk to the door - The door knocker tells you that the wizard is busy and cannot receive visitors.
Use the jack to raise the door. Roll under the door. Go to the wizard's room. In the wizard's room take a stone statue of a hand.
Take a sleeping potion. Talk to the wizard.
He will tell you about the underground maze.
Move the carpet aside, open a secret door in the floor and enter the maze through this door.

Inside the first room in the maze, talk to the lion-head statues.
Beware of the trap (there is a pressure plate in the center of the room.
walk forwards carefully along the left side of the room)!
There is a round door- look at it.
Look at the coin you have in your possession - The symbols on the coin and on the door are similar.
The numbers 5 3 2 are engraved on the coin. Lift the handle near the door.
and start turning the door: hit the button on the right wall 5 times.
hit the button on the left wall 3 times then the right one twice. The door will remain open.
Pass through it to the next room.

Further along in the maze, lower the bridge over the underground abyss with the aid of handles and of the solution to the column riddle (arrange the pictures on the left pillar so that the order - top to bottom - is from infant to skull).
Cross the bridge, solve the riddle of the logs. Enter the chess room.
Solve the chess riddle.

Enter the second labyrinth.

Talk to the gnomes.
In the labyrinth find the room where the female gnome is.

Give her a hair pin to hold her falling hair - She will move aside the curtain to her room.
Go into her room. Study the series of signs on the carpet hanging on the wall in the gnome's room.
Find the exit room from the labyrinth (the 'Ribs' room).
Press the series of signs which you have learned on the tablet. Continue through the maze.

Move on to the next room.
Solve the riddle of the hourglasses
[solving this riddle will provide a way out and will reveal a secret opening in the wall where the key and a gem can be found - (Solution: Friday, Monday, Sunday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.)
The left most hourglass is Monday and the right most is Sunday.
Take the gem and the key from the lions. Go out through the exit opening.

Go to the armory.
Give the swordmaster the gem.
He will teach you the ancient art of wielding a sword. The hero becomes older and more muscular. Go to the tower.
If you use the key to open the tower door,
a princess will come out - but not the princess you had hoped to find.
The hero and the princess will marry and live together forever (?!!).
After the marriage sequence is over, use the dimension machine to choose the "Rapstone" dimension.

While passing between dimensions, you might be kidnapped by the dimension vampires against your will.
After being 'processed', you find yourself in a locked cell. Talk to the prisoners.
Place a rope around the bars. Put the iron rod on the rope.
Turn the rod. This is too difficult for you.
Ask one of the prisoners for help (The two of you together will succeed in bending the bars).

Go into the machine room.
Use the sleeping potion to put the guard to sleep. Take a bunch of keys from the guard.
Go to the corridor. Open the cupboard using the bunch of keys.
Take the dimensions machine. Go to the control room.
Use a rifle to destroy all the instruments in the room (This will neutralize the energy field which
prevents the victims of the dimension vampires from escaping to another dimension).

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Rapstone" dimension.

In Rapstone, go to the disc store. Talk to the salesman.
The hero will tell him that you have to go to the bathroom.
He will tell you that the key to the bathroom is lost.
Go to the door to the bathroom . Use a key to open the door to the bathroom.
Go into the bathroom (you can use it if you like). Take toilet paper.

Use the dimensions machine to choose the "Egyptian Wall Painting" dimension.
Use the translation device in the Egyptian Wall Painting dimension (Now you can talk to the inhabitants of the picture).
Talk to the old man. Talk to a helpless slave.
Use the wooden poles on a rock in order to move it up to the pit.
Continue on along the way until the handless statue.
Mix the cement can with the full water skin.
Put this mixture on the handless statue.
Put the stone statue of the hand on the handless statue.
Stand on the hand. Click on the statue and it will serve as an elevator to the row above.

On the row above, use toilet paper to wrap the body and turn it into something that looks like a mummy.
It will walk, enter the coffin and slam the lid shut.
Study the signs that were revealed. Go to the King. Solve the King's riddle.
(There are 16 triangles in the painting.)

Continue on up to the next statue that has a hand.
Stand on the statue, click on the statue and it will function as an elevator to the row above.
Go to the wall.
Put the handles back where they belong (in keeping with the picture that you studied and the riddles you have already solved). The wall will move.
Go to the Sphinx. Talk to the Sphinx.
Give the Sphinx the riddle book. When the Sphinx asks you a riddle from the book.
Talk to it again and it will let you pass.
Continue in the direction of Egyptian god.
Stab the Egyptian god with a sword (a gun will not work in this dimension); be swift. Go to the altar.

Take another part of Merlin's staff.

Use the dimensions machine to click on the "Rapstone" dimension.

In the Rapstone dimension, on the "main street" screen,
give a boy a tape for his tape recorder.
Go to the disc store. Talk to the "Tigers" gang leader.
Arrange to meet them at the basketball court. Go to the record store. Talk to an elderly salesman.
Give the elderly man eyeglasses. Go to the storeroom.
Use the magnet to find the gold record. Leave the store.
Go to the basketball court. Use the gold record against them.
Take a box of records. Go to the entrance of the "Concert Hall".
Give the records to the members of the boy's band.
Go into the "Concert Hall" and up onto the stage. At the end of the performance,
give the band a trophy in return for the band's prize (which is actually a piece of Merlin's staff.

Now that all the pieces are in your possession, an animated clip showing how they are assembled will appear.
Merlin will also appear and ask you a riddle.
If you give the right answer ('T'), Merlin will save the universe.
The hero will try to convince Merlin to join him on his next dimension traveling adventure
and they will walk happily into the sunset...Until next time.